Facility Terms and Conditions

Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1 (Purpose)

    The purpose of these terms and conditions is to prescribe matters concerning the use of sports facilities and services provided by the Deepstation.

Article 2 (Definitions)

    The definitions of terms used in these terms are as follows.

  • The term "member" means a person who uses facilities and services of a Deepstation for a certain period of time through prescribed registration procedures prescribed by Deepstation.
  • The term "facilities" means all facilities in the Deepstation continuously used for the activities of members and their auxiliary facilities.
  • The term "service" means all acts, goods, etc. provided by the Deepstation for the convenience of using facilities.

Article 3 (Effect of Terms and Conditions and Changes)
  • The contents of these terms and conditions take effect by posting them on the website, issuing printed terms and conditions to members, or verbally explaining them.
  • "Facilities" may arbitrarily change these terms and conditions through due process, and the changed terms and conditions become effective by announcing them in the same manner as in Article 3 (1).
  • If the member disagrees with the changed terms and conditions, he/she may request the termination of the service, and the continued use of facilities and services after the effective date of the changed terms and conditions shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions.

Article 4 (Criteria other than terms and conditions)

    Matters not specified in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the Act on the Installation and Use of Sports Facilities, the Enforcement Decree, the Enforcement Rules of the same Act, and other relevant statutes.

Chapter 2 Obligations of Contracting Parties
Article 5 (Duty of DeepStation)
  • Deepstation is obligated to continuously provide pleasant and safe facilities and pleasant and comfortable services as prescribed by the terms and conditions.
    Provided, That the use of services may be temporarily suspended or partially restricted in natural disasters, emergencies, or other unavoidable cases.
  • Deepstation shall process opinions raised by members through prescribed procedures through appropriate procedures, and shall be obliged to explain the results of processing, reasons, and processing schedules at the request of members.

Article 6 (Duty of Members)
  • Members are obligated to comply with the facilities and safety use instructions required by the Deepstation to provide pleasant and safe sports facilities and pleasant and comfortable services.
  • Members are obligated to protect and save the service items provided by the Deepstation by sports facilities and facilities in the center.

    ※ Obligations
  • The member is obligated to comply with all the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and may be immediately checked out if he fails to comply, and all damages and civil/criminal liability arising from non-compliance shall lie with the member.

    - Down -
    ■ Regulations for the Use of facilities
    1) The usage time is 3 hours from the receipt of the key based on the general ticket to the completion of the return, 5 hours for the half ticket, and 9 hours for the full-day ticket. Please be careful when using the facility so that you can finish using it within the usage time.
        ※ There will be an excess charge if the usage time is exceeded.
        - Weekdays (for one person): KRW 10,000 for more than 30 minutes / KRW 5,000 for each additional 15 minutes
        - Weekend (for one person): KRW 20,000 for more than 30 minutes / KRW 5,000 for each additional 15 minutes
    2) Buoy usage time for 36M section is 90 minutes per session. (Prevention of Utilization and Warning when Exceeded)
    3) Scuba diving and free diving are not available at the same time.
    4) The use of clothes or equipment that may contaminate the water is prohibited.
    - Failure to comply with the specified dress code
    - When wearing suits or equipment that have not been cleaned after use in the sea
    - When water pollutants such as saliva, vomit, and body secretions are discharged into the pool
    5) When using the elevator, possession of wet equipment and wearing suits are prohibited. Make sure to use the air compressor provided to remove the water and use the stairs as much as possible.
    6) Only buoys provided by the facility can be used, and other buoys other than fixed buoys are provided free of charge upon request. Be sure to use the buoy fixing device installed on the floor.
    7) In order to prevent damage to facilities and personnel accidents, open neck weights and buoy fixing weights are prohibited in addition to the pre/scuba diver buoyancy control weights. All divers should take special care not to lose weight, and the member party is responsible for all weight-related accidents.
    8) In the case of members who cause damage or disgust to other members due to infectious diseases (skin diseases, etc.) or tattoos, the Center may refuse or prohibit members from entering.
    9) No matter what reason occurs during the use of the facility, high-pitched argument violence in the facility is absolutely prohibited and can be prohibited when found.
    10) If you want to use personal-owned special equipment (DPV, CCR, etc.), please notify the facility.
    11) Only glass fiber and carbon materials are available for monofin, so please notify the facility.
    12) The use of personal air cylinders other than those provided by facilities is prohibited.
    13) Make sure to wear the swim cap in the pool.
    14) Food other than bottled water is not allowed to be brought into the pool. When using the water purifier, please use a personal cup or tumbler.
    15) Certification of all divers is mandatory. (Trainees are only available under instructor guidance)
    16) The recognition buoy (snorkel buoy) given to each level must be maintained until the end of the usage time and must be returned with the key.
    17) In the event of a problem such as damage or theft of equipment paid free of charge, the member party is responsible for all responsibilities.

    ■ Diving safety regulations
    - Common points
    1) Respect the rules of each organization and the rules of Deepstation, and follow the most conservative rules if the rules are different
    2) Civil/criminal responsibility is not held for the presence or absence of qualifications, failure of emergency rescue, injury during rescue, negligence, physical contact, etc. for emergency rescue against the person in an emergency situation
    3) Use facilities only at depths that meet your diving license level
    4) Facilities can only be used in a physically and mentally healthy state, and use is prohibited when there is a health problem due to excessive drinking, excessive exercise, stress, overtime work, etc. the day before use is prohibited
    5) If you find a diver unconscious, motionless, or in various dangerous situations, immediately notify the safety personnel and join the rescue without delay
    6) If physical abnormalities occur due to chronic diseases while using the facility, the use of the facility shall be immediately suspended
    7) Single-person diving is absolutely prohibited, and the safety of instructors/buddies who enter together is the top priority, and each other must be checked and observed at all times during diving time
    8) Do not use equipment provided free of charge or free of charge in Deepstation
    9) Do not intentionally remove the suction cups installed on the floor.

    - A Free Diver
    1) You must wear a lanyard when using the 36-meter section
    2) When one diver descends, the birdie/trainer must be supervised from the surface and must immediately descend to the water to assist
    3) Sitting completely on top of the installed buoy is prohibited
    4) It is prohibited to hold the floating line exposed to the water
    5) The provided buoy and descending cord must be restored to the state provided after use and returned
    6) Non-pin practice (CNF) is limited only when level 3 or higher and accompanied by instructors. It is also mandatory to wear a no-pin pledge and a separate identification card, which the lead instructor must be responsible for and supervised.
    7) Buoy use is only possible in designated buoy, and the rich and poor installed in hand cannot use it without the consent of the facility (without the user)
    8) Underwater static is limited to 1.2 to 2.3 m sections under the supervision and responsibility of birdies and instructors, and underwater hanging is prohibited (restricted).

    - A scuba diver
    1) Scuba divers should not intentionally hold or rely on the buoy descending line of the pre-diver
    2) Prohibit the act of supplying air to the pre-diver underwater
    3) Diving plans must be established, including safe shutdown times, in order to comply with the specified usage time

    - A Mermaid Diver
    1) The instructor must renew his instructor's qualification each year to prove he is a valid instructor, so the Deepstation checks for renewal each year.
    2) The use of open neck weights other than buckle type (fixed) neck weights is prohibited.
    3) Only silicone and plastic tailpins are available, and all-in-one clothing is not available on any day other than Costume Day.
    4) The instructor must wear a bi-pin.
    5) Glitter, spangle, and clothes that cause water pollution are prohibited.
    6) Mermaid divers are only allowed to enter and use when the instructor leads them.
    7) Mermaid instructors cannot sign up for instructor membership or mileage (buy/use).
    8) You can enter after filling out the Mermaid pledge on the spot.
    9) You can enter after checking the license at the site.
    10) You must wear the identification tag provided when using the mermaid.
    11) When using mermaid, you must comply with the depth limit of 10m.
Chapter 3 Refund, Change, and Postponement
Article 7 (Refund and Reservation Regulations)
  • A member may request a refund to the Center through the procedures determined by the Center, and the following standards shall apply mutatis mutandis to the refund criteria.
    1) When the contract is canceled due to reasons attributable to the Center before the commencement date, the Center shall refund the full amount to the members.
    2) When a contract is canceled due to reasons attributable to a member before the commencement date, 10% of the total amount used shall be deducted and refunded to the member.
    3) When the contract is canceled due to reasons attributable to the Center after the commencement date, the Center shall refund the member the amount deducted from the commencement date to the cancellation date.
    4) When cancelling a contract due to reasons attributable to a member after the commencement date, the Center shall refund the member after deducting 10% of the amount equivalent to the number of days of use and the total amount of use from the commencement date to the cancellation date.
  • The amount corresponding to the number of free days from the start date to the release date at the time of refund is calculated on a daily basis of 30 days per month for monthly use without the discount rate.
  • Where the Center provides members with the benefits of free subscription conditions, the amount of benefits for the number of days of use by the date of cancellation shall be calculated by applying a separate agreement.
  • In the case of a refund, the fraction of less than 1,000 won is discarded.
  • In principle, the member himself/herself shall fill out and submit the prescribed form of the Center, and the agent shall bring a copy of the applicant's ID card, a power of attorney, and an agent's ID card when applying for the agency.

Article 8 (1) Regulations for Reservations and Refunds Due to Natural Disasters
  • Refund not possible if reservation is not made (no show)
  • Refund is possible after submitting evidence (text messages, etc.) in case of impossible visit due to COVID-19 such as COVID-19 test and confirmation
  • Refund is possible if the visit is not possible due to natural disasters (tropical winds and disasters)
  • Refund after deducting 40% for cancellation 1 day in advance, 30% for cancellation 2 days in advance, and 100% for cancellation 3 days in advance after deduction
  • Refund after 50% deduction for cancellation on the same day
  • Non-refundable at the start of theoretical training and diving
    - Refund is not possible if experience is impossible due to insufficient equalization or water phobia

Section 8 (2) Regulations for Education/Experience/Buddy Reservation and Refund due to Natural Disasters
  • Refund not possible if reservation is not made (no show)
  • Refund is possible after submitting evidence (text messages, etc.) in case of impossible visit due to COVID-19 such as COVID-19 test and confirmation
  • Refund is possible if the visit is not possible due to natural disasters (tropical winds and disasters)
  • 100% refund for cancellation 1 week ago, 50% deduction for cancellation 3 days ago, no refund 2 days ago
  • Non-refundable at the start of theoretical training and diving
    - Refund is not possible if it is impossible to proceed due to insufficient equalization or water phobia

Article 9 (Deferral of the period of use)
  • All passes shall cease to be valid two years after purchase and shall be used within two years.
Chapter 4 Other Matters
Article 10 (Operation)
  • In principle, the operation hours of the Center shall be from 08:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and holidays, but the Center may arbitrarily adjust it through due process, and the notice thereof shall be posted at the information desk for 15 days from five days before the application date.
  • The Center may close or close the facility in the event of a regular closing date and administrative order prescribed in advance, or inevitable reasons for the maintenance and repair of facilities or other operational reasons.
  • The Center's annual facility maintenance and repair period is usually 10 to 15 days, and instructor members shall adjust their membership fees and use periods, and annual members and general members shall not take separate compensation measures for ordinary repair work.

Article 11 (Extinction and suspension of user qualifications)

    In any of the following cases, the Center may suspend or extinguish the qualification for use.

  • When it damages the reputation of the Center and disrupts the order of use of facilities and services
  • When the Center violates the terms and conditions and other provisions prescribed by the Center
  • When 3 warnings are received from the Center (but 2 warnings for safety and hygiene issues)

Article 12 (Responsibilities)
  • The member or the member companion shall be responsible for accidents such as theft, injury, etc. caused by reasons attributable to the member or the member companion, and damage or damage to facilities.
  • CCTV is operated for safety management of members and facilities and crime prevention, and CCTV viewing shall be governed by the Act on Operation Regulations.
  • Please refrain from possession of currency, securities, and other expensive items and keep them at the counter when entering We are not responsible for the loss of expensive items that are not stored at the counter.
    *Diving-related items and bulky items cannot be stored at the counter Please store it somewhere else, such as a car

Article 13 (Other matters)

    General practice shall apply mutatis mutandis to the handling of matters not prescribed in these Regulations.

Supplementary Provisions
- (Effective Date) These terms and conditions will come into effect on February 01, 2022.