About Deepstation

Regulations by event
  • Freediving
    - Terms of use: All users can use level 2 or higher (based on not being accompanied by an instructor)
    - Level recognition (Snorkel Buoy) must be worn (penalty applied if not worn)
  • Scuba diving
    - Terms of use: Advanced level (based on PADI) or higher (based on instructor not accompanied)
  • Common (freediving/scuba diving)
    - Only available within the depth based on your level
    - Instructor lead admission: You can use it without restrictions on the level under the instructor's. (However, instructors can be guided after confirming that the instructor has been renewed for the year)
    - Junior: Only available with the instructor, regardless of the level.
    - Those under the age of 18 must use it with their guardians' consent and instructors.
    - Buddy must accompany / If Buddy is not accompanied, you cannot enter.(Buddy can only apply in advance through Deepstatioin email (, and there will be additional fees other than admission fees.)
  • Mermaid
    - Terms of use: Available after filling out a pledge and accompanying a mermaid instructor
    - Water depth limit: 10M limit
    - Mermaid recognition (Snorkel Buoy) must be worn (penalty applied if not worn)
    - Ratio: Instructor 1: Trainee 4

User Information
  • Freediving/scuba diving/mermaid usage time is 3 hours, and education/training/discovery is conducted according to the instructor in each designated and limited area
  • Only registered programs can be used once a day, and if you re-enter after leaving, you need to re-purchase a ticket once (excluding instructors and 1-day ticket users)
  • The schedule can be changed according to the operation policy.
  • Floating Buoy usage time in the 36-meter section is 90 minutes per session.
  • Instructors must renew their instructor(s) qualification each year to be a valid instructor(s) and provide training or guidance with the qualifications to train trainees.
  • An accident that occurs without the instructor renewing his/her qualifications or notifying the facility that he/she has not renewed his/her qualifications shall be the responsibility of the instructor or his/her affiliated group.

Safety regulations
  • Before using the pool, you must obtain it after pre-warm-up exercises like stretching or breathing training so that your body does not suffer from.
  • Infectious patients, heart disease patients, and mentally and physically weak people are prohibited from entering.
  • All leaders and entrants must have a certificate, and those who do not have a certificate are prohibited from entering the diving pool.
  • However, renewed instructor guidance trainees are excluded.
  • Unqualified or Freediver – Level 1 based on AIDA / Scuba diver – below open water based on PADI must be guided by instructor
  • When entering with Buddy: Freediver - Level 2 based on AIDA / Scuba diver - Buddy with advanced based on PADI or higher level divers can use facility with buddy together
  • The divers who violate facility regulations/safety regulations may be denied or exit may be made.
  • For detailed regulations, please check the facility usage regulations.

  • The use of clothes or equipment that may contaminate the water like below is prohibited.
    - When wearing shoes other than those designated in the facility
    - Failure to comply with the specified dress code
    - In the event of contamination due to vomiting or excrement due to overeating or other reasons
    - Other acts that may contaminate water quality
  • Do not use the elevator after wearing or carrying wet equipment or suits. Make sure to dry it using the air compressor provided and use the stairs as much as possible.
  • In order to prevent damage to facilities or personnel accidents, the use of external weight that is worn on the body is prohibited.
    (It must be careful not to fall off when freedivers /scuba divers use weight to control the buoyancy, and all responsibilities are on the member party in the event of an accident.)
  • Only the buoy provided by the Deepstation can be used, and for fixing it, please connect it to a presser installed on the floor.
  • If you lose the locker key, you will be charged and charged separately for the purchase of the key.
  • In the event of a stolen or loss, we will not be responsible for anything, and you will be fully responsible.
  • Please keep your valuables at the reception in case of stolen.
  • In order to prevent safety accidents caused by slipping in shower area, the kinks of oils is prohibited except body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • For detailed regulations, please check the facility usage regulations.

Refund regulations
  • Cancellation 3 days before use, 100% refund
  • Cancellation 2 days before use, refund after deducting 30%
  • Cancellation 1 days before use, refund after deducting 40%
  • Cancellation on the same day of use, refund after deducting 50%
  • No refund if it does not arrive on the same day (no show)
  • Please cancel the reservation when you get a refund.
  • Deduction is based on business hours from 08:00 to 23:00. The schedule can be changed according to the operation policy.
  • For detailed regulations, please check the facility usage regulations.